Learn how you can go solar


The Thetford Energy Committee is working on a community solar initiative to help homeowners who are unable to go solar on their own property get connected to a community "group-net-metered" solar project. Community solar arrays enable participants to save money on their electric use and get their power from a remotely located renewable project.

Go Solar!

Do you have land or a large roof with Southern exposure you would like to turn into green energy and green wallet thickener?  Or are you just the opposite and want to go solar, but putting it on your site does not work for you?  Do you know anyone else who would say yes to either of those questions?  If so, please watch and learn about your options from community solar developers, independent experts, and people who are already participating in community solar projects themselves.  Please share with a friend. 

Community Solar Forum Live

The video will stream live starting at 6:30 pm on March 31, 2015

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