Complete Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Address to Joint Meeting of Congress (C-SPAN)

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Netanyahu addressed a joint meeting of Congress, in which he outlined his opposition to a possible deal with Iran over its nuclear program.   Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Netanyahu speech   One thing Netanyahu and Obama agree on: Climate change is a huge threat

Can we 3-D print our way out of the climate crisis?

Pre-People’s Climate March Panel Discussion Blew Our Minds Four influential people share their ideas On the evening before the People’s Climate March, September 20, 2014, I was alerted to, and got to attend, a panel discussion entitled, The Climate Crisis: Which Way Out? Brian Lehrer, the popular host of WNYC Radio’s Brian Lehrer Show, moderated […]

Obama Addresses UN Climate Summit After People’s Climate March

Although renewables have made progress, much more to be done Says country aims at reducing carbon footprint and challenges other nations to do the same The President announces executive order requiring U.S. agencies to take climate into consideration when providing international development assistance.  

Political change is starting on the local level


Democratic State House Candidates’ Forum in Thetford Vermont Full House – Standing Room Only   I’m not a “reporter.” At least not in the traditional sense of the word. Although, I do like going to events and sharing my impressions. My impressions from last night’s Democratic State House Candidates’ Forum at the Thetford Center Community […]

Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks to Receptive Crowd

Rebuilding Our Economy and Restoring Our Democracy This country, today, faces some very very serious problems. Old fashioned politics of big money in Washington is not good enough. We need a political revolution in this country. UPDATE: 7/10/14 National Public Radio came to Vermont and talked to Vermonters about Bernie Sanders. Definitely worth a listen. […]