Bernie Sanders Explains How to Solve America’s Biggest Problems

Sanders speaks at Town Hall Meeting in Austin Texas

Change takes place because people struggle.”

The Town Hall Meeting discussion included how to…

1) Overturn Citizens United and Get Big Money Out of Politics;
2) Deal with Obscene Wealth and Income Inequality.
3) Combat Climate Change.
4) Create Democracy NOT Oligarchy.

Videography/Editing by Jeff Zavala, Grace Alfar and Ruwan Perera
An Austin Indymedia Production

Complete Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Address to Joint Meeting of Congress (C-SPAN)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu addressed a joint meeting of Congress, in which he outlined his opposition to a possible deal with Iran over its nuclear program.


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Netanyahu speech


One thing Netanyahu and Obama agree on: Climate change is a huge threat

Can we 3-D print our way out of the climate crisis?

Pre-People’s Climate March Panel Discussion Blew Our Minds

Four influential people share their ideas

On the evening before the People’s Climate March, September 20, 2014, I was alerted to, and got to attend, a panel discussion entitled, The Climate Crisis: Which Way Out? Brian Lehrer, the popular host of WNYC Radio’s Brian Lehrer Show, moderated this 90 minute discussion.


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders – Keynote

Senator Sanders was the keynote speaker. Suggesting that efficiency measures could play a considerable role in lowering our carbon outlay.

“With modest investments we were able to lower people’s consumption of oil by 30 percent. If we did that all over America we would significant reductions in carbon emissions, we would save people money on their fuel bills, and could create hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

Bill McKibben

Next on the panel was the ever humble, Bill McKibben. Co-founder of and author of many books, including Oil and Honey: the Education of an Unlikely Activist. was named that because the intent of the organization was to have their message spread across the world “and Arabic numerals cross the linguistic boundaries that words can’t. 350 means the same thing everywhere.”

“We shouldn’t have to be marching,” said McKibben reminding people that we’ve known about global warming for many years. Our leaders have chosen to do nothing. Listen to his presentation.

Naomi Klein

Award-winning journalist, Naomi Klein, Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow and author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.

“We know what we need to do but we are locked within an ideological system that tells us that we can’t. The climate change deniers understand this. If the science is true, if the science is right, then of course we need to break every rule in their idiotic playbook because it is at war with life on earth.” Listen to her presentation.

Chris Hedges

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author of “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, and columnist for

“The People’s Climate March is a prelude to resistance.” Chris was on his game with his passionate talk. Speaking about the Republican and Democratic parties, Hedges said, “Republicans appeal to one constituency, the Democrats to another but both parties have and will do nothing to halt the ravaging of the planet.” Listen to his presentation.

Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant, a Socialist Alternative party member of the Seattle city council.

“There is an urgent need to get involved and stay engaged. Become a part of this struggle.” Listen to her presentation.

Obama Addresses UN Climate Summit After People’s Climate March

Although renewables have made progress, much more to be done

Says country aims at reducing carbon footprint and challenges other nations to do the same

The President announces executive order requiring U.S. agencies to take climate into consideration when providing international development assistance.


Political change is starting on the local level

Democratic State House Candidates’ Forum in Thetford Vermont

Full House – Standing Room Only



I’m not a “reporter.” At least not in the traditional sense of the word. Although, I do like going to events and sharing my impressions.

My impressions from last night’s Democratic State House Candidates’ Forum at the Thetford Center Community Building was that people are getting involved in local and state politics. Maybe more than ever.

When I pulled up there were few parking spaces left. That’s always a good sign. As I entered the building, most of the seats were filled and organizers Sherry Merrick and Deecie Dennison were bringing out more chairs.In attendance were the four candidates for the two seats available in Montpelier.



Candidates in attendance were Tim Briglin and Jim Masland from Thetford, Jill Michaels from South Strafford and Irv Thomae from Norwich. All four Democratic primary
candidates are running for the Windsor-Orange two seats.

Deecie Dennison moderated the forum which was sponsored by the Thetford Democratic Committee.

Candidate bios were read and short statements were made by each.

Lot’s of questions about energy

Attendees wrote questions on 3×5 cards and they started out with a question about wind development. Apparently there were several questions about energy and the second question was about the state’s goal to run on 90% renewable energy by 2050 and whether or not the candidates had the political will to make that happen. (I’m putting together the answers and will update this post with them shortly.)

Did you attend the event? I hope you’ll share your perspective in the comments below.

Remember to vote on Primary Day, Tuesday, August 26th!