Trump in Vermont

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Recorded live stream of Trump event   Corporate Media Seeing the Light About Bernie Sanders   What’s going on? Here’s a compilation of various articles, blog posts, Tweets, Facebook posts, video feeds, and images about the event at the Flynn Center. You can share things you think others might like to see simply by commenting at the bottom […]

Sanders resonated in Lebanon NH

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Over 1000 cheered Bernie at the Lebanon High School First TV ad from the Sanders campaign. The scene at @BernieSanders event in Lebanon, NH — April Burbank (@aprilburbank) October 31, 2015 Sanders got right to the point and drove the audience to their feet more than once   Here’s Bernie’s talk at Lebanon High […]

Sanders Draws Thousands of Supporters to Portland Maine

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THIS JUST IN… Click here to get your free bumper sticker   Watch Bernie Sanders in Portland Maine Early estimates were saying around 2,500 people would show but over 9,000 supporters filled the arena Hot on the heels of Sanders’ Wisconsin rally, that had over 10,000 turn out, supporters flocked to Portland Maine. From Maine to California … […]

Bernie Sanders Rally in Madison Wisconsin

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With over 10,000 supporters in attendance, Bernie rocks the house… and the House. “Keep the faith… Because you don’t have any alternative. You’ve got to keep fighting.” – Bernie Sanders Pay very particular attention at 9:00 into the video. At 9:05 Bernie reacts to the jubilant crowd with a very subtle, but very telling, shake […]

Public Comments at Vermont Pension Investment Committee Encourage Divestment

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Public Comments on Divestment On June 23, 2015, the Vermont Pension Investment Committee met. VPIC Members present were: Stephen Rauh, Chair Beth Pearce, Vice-Chair, Vermont State Treasurer Joseph Mackey, VSTRS Representative Vaughn Altemus, Governor’s Delegate Robert Hooper (by phone), VSERS Representative Karen Paul (by phone), Governor’s Delegate Thomas Golonka, VMERS Representative Review the agenda and read […]