Key Vermont lawmaker: GM food labeling bill dead | Burlington Free Press |

MONTPELIER — The chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Vermont House says a bill calling for labeling of genetically modified food won’t pass this year.

The House Agriculture Committee strongly supported the measure, but then it went to Judiciary, where Chairman William Lippert says there isn’t time to act on it before lawmakers adjourn for the year.

Lippert says he’s generally supportive of the idea of labeling genetically modified food, but with lawmakers hoping to adjourn next week, it will have to wait until next year.

More than 300 supporters of labeling turned out for a public hearing on the issue earlier this month. Some lawmakers said they were worried the state would face a lawsuit by the biotechnology industry if the bill became law.

via Key Vermont lawmaker: GM food labeling bill dead | Burlington Free Press |


  1. Glo Webel says

    It would seem that the Legislature would have made passing this Bill a priority given that our health truly depends on it. More and more research is coming out about the devastating effects of GMO foods on our health, environment, and also of the massive decline of the bee population. The fact that they have been banned in most European Countries, India and Canada and yet they were allowed to be introduced into our food production system without our knowledge is something that NEVER should have happened. We have a right to know what we are eating. The irony/hypocrisy…is that we are fighting so hard to develop and implement a health care system in Vermont to keep us healthy and vital and yet we can’t correct some of the root causes of our illnesses. Just saying, WE NEED TO BRING A LAW SUIT AGAINST MONSANTO FOR POISONING US.

  2. Ann Anderson says

    Too bad! Maybe us folks in California will have a better outcome with our initiative. We gathered over 1,000,000 signatures.

  3. says

    European organizations had protested against the use of genetically modified foods due to the harmful effects it might have on consumers.Foods that are grown for the consumption of animals and humans using molecular bio-technology.The plants are modified genetically in the labs to make them more herbicide resistant and nutrient rich.If these crops are not modified properly, it can cause harm to the consumers, it can affect the species of crops as well.

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