WFVR’s Greenzine Radio

Greenzine Radio's Todd Tyson

WFVR – Free Vermont Radio Join Greenzine with Todd Tyson and Henry Swazey The show’s hosts, Todd Tyson and Henry Swayze will be interviewing, by phone, Jim Harbach, a Pennsylvania farmer who is into soil building and carbon sequestration on his 1000 cow dairy farm.

Bob the Green Guy on Greenzine Radio

Bob on the radio at WFVR

WFVR – Free Vermont Radio These guys are good! They made it so easy… Listen to Greenzine with Todd Tyson and Henry Swazey

Bronwyn Fryer Commentary: This Changes Everything, or Perhaps Nothing

Bronwyn Fryer head shot

This commentary is by Bronwyn Fryer a Montpelier Vermont writer. Not long ago, my husband and I attended a screening of the Naomi Klein documentary “This Changes Everything” at the Montpelier Unitarian Church.  The room was packed, indicating a passionate and serious interest in the topic of climate change. Everyone understood that global warming is directly […]

“This Changes Everything” Panel Discussion

This Changes Everything

“This Changes Everything” Panel Discussion with: Tony Klein – “The Vermont State House has turned into the house of “stop” and “no.” Vermont Representative from East Montpelier and Middlesex and Chair of the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee Tom Hughes – Energy Independent Vermont Campaign Director Gabrielle Stebbins – Energy Consultant and Board Member […]

Bill McKibben – Climate Change and the Response of People of Faith


I can’t believe I just did that… I was really looking forward to seeing Bill McKibben and hearing his thoughts on “Climate Change and the Response of People of Faith” Turns out he spoke yesterday at St. Jacob’s Eastern Orthodox Church in Northfield Falls, Vermont. I had intended to record a video of his talk and share it […]