Personal Divestment Seminar

Your Investments Matter

Sponsored by the Progressive Asset Management, Skinny Pancake, Main Street Landing and Bob the Green Guy

Live Streaming provided by Bob the Green Guy

The divestment movement is growing, and your investments matter! Divesting from fossil fuels is a way for individuals to fight climate change and protect their investments. Personal divestment can be easy, even if you’re risk-averse. Plus, personally divesting from fossil fuels offers the chance to reinvest in a new, just, green economy.

If you’re curious about how you can divest your own portfolio from fossil fuels, come listen to Dan Quinlan of, Karin Chamberlain of Clean Yield, Harris Roen of The Roen Report, Jake Ide of Vermont Community Loan Fund, and Tom Francis from Fossil Free Indexes, LLC speak. Q&A and refreshments will follow.


Cornel West Speaks About Divestment

Cornel West Speaks at Harvard Heat Week

April 17th, 2015. Cornel West fires up the crowd on Harvard Yard on the last day of Harvard Heat Week.


Divest for our future panel discussion

Carbon Risk Forum

Streaming Live Here at 6:30 PM


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